I’m really proud of all the work that we’ve been able to pour into Kiln over the last two years. In March of 2009, we had nothing more than a prototype. By October, we had a beta. By January, we were shipping Kiln 1.0. And just a few months later, we followed with Kiln 1.2, which added a massive number of features and really paved the way to making Kiln feel like a well-rounded product.

Well, we’re getting ready to launch Kiln 2.0, and we’re so psyched about it that we’re doing another World Tour! So if you’d like to come take a look at all the new awesomeness in Kiln, or see its awesomeness for the first time, or talk with me about why Kiln is awesome, or tell me why Kiln is totally not awesome and you’d never buy, thereby enabling me to fix those things and make it awesome for you anyway, or even just punch me in the face for saying “awesome” too much, then you should come. It’s free, we’ll have coffee and something that tastes almost but not quite entirely unlike tea, and Tyler and I will be giving a mini-boot-camp on why DVCSes will rock your world and how to make that happen. We’ll even have a nice Q&A session, in case you have specific questions about Mercurial internals, Kiln arcana, or anything else.

So if you’re near Denver, Los Angeles, Boston, D.C., or one of the other dozen cities we’re hitting, sign up for the World Tour! Worst-case, you can say you met the star of a major motion picture and got some free coffee. And who can say no to that?

See you there!