One of the problems I’ve always had trying to explain Smalltalk is that the environment and language are so fused and so radically different from those in the mainstream (which I’m defining here as Xcode, VisualStudio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ) that people have trouble figuring out what the big deal is. That’s gradually changing as languages like Ruby, OCaml, and properly used JavaScript come into the mainstream, and as static language designers eek ever closer to having a full REPL with dynamic code reloading, but the gap’s still big enough that properly explaining why Smalltalk’s differences help productivity and flow becomes problematic. Thankfully, James Robertson at Cincom has been compiling a collection of video tutorials called Smalltalk Daily that are designed to walk new developers through the basics of programming Cincom Smalltalk. Each of the short tutorials focuses on a new aspect of the VisualWorks environment or the Smalltalk language. Although the really good stuff isn’t up yet, enough is there that you can at least get a flavor for commercial Smalltalk development tools, and see how the language differs from ones you might be more used to. No, it’s not my favorite Smalltalk environment, but the videos still give a nice overview to what makes Smalltalk special.