One of the things that I love about Fog Creek is that we give back. Kiln can only exist because of the amazing foundation provided by the Mercurial distributed version control system, so we try to help them out whenever we can. In the past, we’ve done that by making Fog Creek one of the top Mercurial sponsors. Given how small Fog Creek is, I can’t tell you how proud I am to see that we’re placing up there amongst Google and Microsoft for supporting open-source software.

This year, we’ve decided to help contribute in an even more hands-on way: by devoting developer resources. Not only will Fog Creek be helping to sponsor the upcoming Mercurial 1.9 code sprint; we’re also sending one of our awesome Kiln developers, Kevin Gessner, to help contribute. And, in the weeks leading up to the sprint, we’ll be using Kiln team developers to help contribute bug fixes and features to the Mercurial project. In other words, we’ll be supporting Mercurial both financially and with developer resources.

Kiln stands on the shoulders of giants, so I’m happy to support those giants in return.

After all, the higher the giant gets, the taller Kiln stands.