Steve Yegge has been working for quite some time on a way to integrate JavaScript with Emacs, allowing you to code extensions in JS rather than elisp. To that end, he recently announced the availability of js2-mode, a new mode for Emacs that brings heavily revamped syntax highlighting, indentation, and on-the-fly parsing for JavaScript code.

I’ve recently been having an internal fight with myself on whether to use vim or Emacs. Although I’ve used Emacs for an incredibly long time, have a massive collection of customization scripts, and know the editor inside and out, I’m being forced to come to the conclusion that vi-based editors may have the upper edge for actually editing text. They’re simply kinder to my hands. Yet every time that I decide to give up vim for good, someone writes a tool like js2-mode that simply cannot be implemented in vim.

Maybe someday vim (or a clone) will become as trivial to modify as Emacs. Until then, I suspect I’m going to have a very hard time letting bad habits die.