I was extremely happy to discover today that Ambrosia Software has finished porting Introversion’s DEFCON to the Mac. DEFCON is a happy-go-lucky simulation of global thermonuclear war. Each player controls a collection of boomers (nuclear-missile-armed submarines), missile silos, aircraft carriers, and airfields in an interface highly reminiscent of NORAD as depicted in the movie WarGames. Over the course of the game—which can range from a few minutes to a full eight hours—players compete to disarm their opponents while inflicting the highest number of causalities possible, as measured in millions of deaths. Although arguably ghoulish, the game’s surprisingly well-done, from the intuitive controls to the fairly solid AI to the quiet weeping that fills your ears as the first ICBMs kiss the ground. It’s not going to displace the Empire Earth series as my favorite strategy game, but it’s a very nice diversion. You can grab a demo from Ambrosia’s website.